Software editor and engineering consultancy expert in techno-economics and optimization of energy systems, SEED-Energy supports its customers in their skills development on innovative, smarter, multi-energy and multi-technology energy systems, with the aim of promoting the integration of New and Renewable Energies.
SEED-Energy develops and markets the software ODYSSEY, a tool for investment decision making in energy systems, and offers the use of this tool for feasibility studies.

Our commitment is to help you regain control of your energy system

We make the most of our expertise to guide you and to provide you with the means to evaluate the economic opportunity of developing new energy projects, select suitable technologies, optimize components sizing, optimize energy management strategy and evaluate the cost-efficiency of your investment decisions.

We help you to:

  • Gain autonomy over the technical and economic choices of your energy systems
  • Benefit from a multi-energy and multi-technology vision for your energy system
  • Reduce your environmental impact by promoting the introduction of New Renewable Energies
  • Take the right path to innovation (storage, self-consumption, carbon-free mobility) towards tomorrow’s multi-energy systems

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