SEED-Energy supports companies in their hydrogen projects

SEED-Energy supports companies in their hydrogen projects

Do you want to protect our planet? Then hydrogen is a promising solution! It is an energy vector which could serve as an opportunity for companies if produced in a low-carbon method.

By 2050, hydrogen could cover up to ¼ of the total energy demand in EU. A multibillion-euro boosting plan has been unveiled for this energy of the future and we are not done talking about “hydrogen” in the coming decade yet, so it’s time for you, companies, to get started!

The French hydrogen strategy, the national relaunch plan with 7.2 billion euros

The government disclosed on September 9, 2020, its plan to develop the hydrogen sector in France.

The plan proposes to:

- Develop the production capacity of France

- Foster the development of heavy hydrogen mobility (trucks, garbage trucks and buses…)

- Support research and innovations in this field

- Create between 50,000 and 150,000 direct and indirect jobs

The ultimate goal of this investment is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. By that date, we should be able to emit less CO2 into the atmosphere than we are able to remove.

For this, the government has decided to devote 7.2 billion euros to this energy until 2030, including 2 billion as part of the recovery plan in 2021 and 2022.

Many people wonder if this is not too much... 7 billion euros invested in hydrogen?

But in the field of energy, the sums to be invested are considerable. To get the hydrogen sector off the ground, it will be necessary to finance research, infrastructure and demonstrators which have practically the same costs as the final industrial units. We quickly arrive at these 7 billion euros!

How can SEED-Energy support companies on this ambitious plan?

To help companies get started with a hydrogen project, SEED-Energy can provide them with its software ODYSSEY

This tool allows you to:

- Evaluate your multi-energy and/or multi-use hydrogen project (industry, mobility, gas grid injection, buildings, eco-districts, etc.)

- Optimize the sizing of equipment and system management

- Access to a complete dashboard with all required technical (load factors, efficiencies, etc.), economic (cost structure, NPV, cash flow, etc.) and environmental indicators

For more information contact SEED-Energy on +33 6 95 33 50 58 or by email: We support you in your hydrogen projects!