Project objectives

This system aims to use renewable sources (photovoltaic power plant and / or wind farm) to produce green hydrogen using an electrolyzer. The produced hydrogen is dedicated to several uses: industry, low-carbon mobility, and grid gas injection. The objective is also to use the green hydrogen produced to supply several hydrogen refueling stations located on distant sites. The delivery of hydrogen to the remote stations is done by tube-trailers.


System architecture

The figures opposite illustrate the architectures of the production site and one of the distant hydrogen refueling stations modeled with the software ODYSSEY.
For the production site, the system is mainly composed of renewable sources (PV and wind), the electrolyzer, a low pressure hydrogen storage, the industrial hydrogen load, a hydrogen dispenser with its compressor and high pressure storage, a medium pressure storage (tube trailer) and the connection to the natural gas grid.

Exemple d'architecture

For a remote hydrogen refueling station, the system is composed of the hydrogen dispenser with its compressor and its high-pressure storage, and a connection to the national electrical grid to power the refueling station (compressor, etc.).

Exemple d'architecture

Results example – Time series

During the dynamic simulations, ODYSSEY operates the system according to the energy management strategy. In the following example, the energy management strategy consists in operating the electrolyzer either at maximum power (as illustrated during periods (1) and (2) in the figure below) or at a power that follows the renewable production (as illustrated during the period (3) in the figure below) depending on hydrogen storage state of charge and electricity price on the grid.


Results example – Economic indicators

The figure below is an example of economic indicators computed by the software over the operating period after performing an optimization of components sizing and energy management strategy. This indicators table allows to quickly appreciate the profitability of the project.

Cost Structure

Results example – Business plan & NPV

The figures hereafter are other examples of results views provided by ODYSSEY. Here, a view of the cash flow (expenses) and a view on how the NPV is evolving year after year.


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