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Take over a major society challenge which puts Energy at the heart of the territories.
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Our belief

To meet the diversity of energy needs (electricity, heat, cooling, mobility …), we are convinced that implemented solutions must take advantage of energy carriers pooling in order to maximize technical, economic and environmental performances.

Our ambition

Reduce environmental impact of energy systems while promoting introduction of New and Renewable Energies.

Support energy actors in their decision to take the right path towards energy storage, self-consumption, carbon-free mobility and new energy technologies.


As Experts in techno-economic assessment and management of energy system, we propose to guide you


We are specialized in supporting all energy actors in their Energy Transition towards smarter, multi-energies and multi-technologies systems with the objective to promote high penetration of New and Renewable Energies.

Our solution


An original Offer of Services

To provide you the means to make your investment decisions in new energy systems

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Your benefits


We guide you in the decision-making process about your energy system,

as an energy actor :

You take the right path towards energy storage, self-consumption, carbon-free mobility, hydrogen.

You increase and diversify your internal skills.

You have at your disposal an innovative, simple, performing, evolutionary and suitable tool for mandatory or more ambitious mechanisms.

you are an energy system owner :

You are ready for tariff change and to maximize your profits.

You have access to relevant economic indicators to convince your investors’ partners.

You are in capacity to optimize the construction of new installations.

you are a territorial authority :

You take over the energy management of your territory. You can reduce the energy bill of your citizens.

You reduce the energy footprint of your territory.

You increase the attractiveness of your territory and enhance the use of local resources.

You progress towards independence on the ability to take the right technical and economic choices for the energy system of your territory.

You have a multi-energies and multi-technologies vision offering you the possibility to choose and optimize the energy system of your territory.

You go a step further on the path to energy independence for your territory.

We provide you with the required means for a continuous improvement of your energy system

With Odyssey, you benefit from a diagnostic support and trouble-shooting tool.

Thanks to this innovative and performing tool, you can model an existing energy system. You are then ready to compare simulation results and those from the field allowing you to initiate the continuous improvement of your system.

Case studies examples


Case study – Hydrogen Mobility

31 Oct 2018

Production for the supply of hydrogen to a vehicles fleet […]

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Case Study – Towards an off-grid site

22 Nov 2017

Electricity sypply of an off-grid site […]

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Our news


Hydrogen Days in the Territories

20 Jun 2019

SEED-Energy will exhibit at the next Hydrogen Days in the Territories in Marseille […]

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Réseau Entreprendre Isère

18 Mar 2019

The SEED-Energy team is pleased to have been nominated 2019 winner of Réseau Entreprendre Isère […]

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Article published in Les Echos

12 Feb 2019

Article: Seed-Energy accompagne les villes grâce à Odyssey […]

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Energized By Tenerrdis

24 May 2018

The SEED-Energy team is pleased to see the software platform ODYSSEY, at the heart of its offer of services, labelized by the energy cluster Tenerrdis […]

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